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Student Main Canopy

Personnel Parachute System

Student Main Canopy

This main parachute model named“Chuyunjiao",a soft ram-airparafoil speciadesigned for beginners with a high tolerance of misoperation and resistance toairflow disturbances. lt is durable, easy to use, and an excellent option for begin-ners.

    • Entry-Level Main Canopyhec

      Product parameter

      • It has a canopy area of 280 square feet (26 square meters) and a maximum weight capacity of 170 kilograms.
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      Product application

      • It specifically applies to High Altitude High Opening (HAHO), High Altitude Low Opening (HALO), and similar activities.


    ● Exceptional aerodynamic design for wind and airflow resistance.
    ● Superior brake performance and secure landing.
    Advanced aerodynamic features ensuresmooth deployment with low dynamic load 9 Cells.
    ● Adjustable harness system and leg straps for people of all Shapes and sizes.
    ● Canopy area (sq ft):200,220,240,Exceptional aerodynamic design for 260,280. 300s.
    ●  Maximum capacity: 109~159 kg.
    ● Maximum deployment speed 130 KTS (240 km/h)..

    product feature

    The main and reserve one-piece design features a wide range of motion for carrying weapons and materials, heavy load-carrying capability, maneuverable configuration, landing accuracy, high stability, exceptional glide performance, smooth horizontal speed for long-distance infiltration, armed assault, and other special force missions.

    Entry-Level Main Canopy2wa

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