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Automatic Activation Device

Parachuting Electronic Devices

Automatic Activation Device

Automatic Activation Device(AAD) is located in reserve parachute.lt will outomaticallyactivate when the main parachute couidn't open when reached the certain level.

    • Automatic Activation Device-1vsf

      Product introduction

      • This safety system is responsible for automatically deploying a skydiver's reserve parachute if the jumper is unable to do so.
    • Automatic Activation Device-2bqc

      Product description

      • The AAD processing unit will activate the cutter unit and deploy the reserve parachute.

    Product Feature

    ● Self-check within 10 seconds.
    ● Unique design, clear, and reliable.
    ● Simple design to prevent misoperation.
    ● The system automatically performs ground calibration to compensate for weather-related changes.
    ● Fully autonomous algorithm to identify motion status.
    ● The reliable system can store over 500 parachute jump logs.
    ● Departure, Landing Setup, and Altitude Interception.
    ● Durable and rugged aircraft-grade aluminum housing.
    ● In-built waterproof IP67-rated air filter.
    ● Ultra-low power dissipation eliminates the need for battery replacement.
    ● Easy to install inside the parachute pack.
    Automatic Activation Device-12du
    Automatic Activation Device-2gh5
    Automatic Activation Device-125a
    Automatic Activation Device-2uxa


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