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Parachuting Multifunctional Carrying Equipment

Parachute Carrying Equipment

Parachuting Multifunctional Carrying Equipment

The Parachute Multifunctional Carrying Equipment is designed formilitary paratrooper aerial delivery, including HAHO, HALO, andstatic-line parachuting missions.With the latest international designs and ideas, the load-carryingequipment features heavy load capacity, easy operarion system toensure safty and reliability.The dual-buckle fixation design suitablefor current army canopies. lt also includes an adjustable harnesssystem equipped with high-quality buckles, a unique three-ringrelease system for quick gear release extended harness to providea more comfortable carring experience The rip-stop anti-frictionmaterial for increased strength in all kinds of conditions.

    • Parachuting Multifunctional Ca4gty

      Product introduction

      • Adopting the latest international designs and ideas, the load-carrying equipment features heavy load capacity, ease of use, reliability, and security with a dual-buckle fixation design suitable for current army canopies. 
    • Parachuting Multifunctional Ca52p1

      Product description

      • It also includes an adjustable harness system equipped with high-quality buckles, adjustable equipment capacity based on cargo varieties, a unique three-ring release system for quick gear release from the wearer, an extended harness for donning and carrying, and rip-stop anti-friction material for increased strength in all kinds of conditions.

    Product Feature

    ● Maximum carrying weight: 100kg.
    ● System weight: 3kg.
    ● Three-ring suspension system for quick release and adjustable Harness.
    ● S: 580*410*300mm - 72L.
    ● M: 660*460*300mm - 92L.
    ● L: 760*460*410mm - 142L.
    ● Sizes and colors are customized according to demand..
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