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Draft for comments on the standard "Technical Specifications for Medium-sized UAV Parachute Systems" is officially released


Draft for comments on the standard "Technical Specifications for Medium-sized UAV Parachute Systems" is officially released



Recently, the China AOPA Association officially released the "Technical Specifications for Medium-sized Unmanned Aircraft Parachute Systems" (Draft for Comments) on its official website to solicit public opinions more broadly. Shenzhen Tianying Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. and China AOPA took the lead in establishing two group standards, "Technical Specifications for Medium-sized Unmanned Aircraft Parachute Systems" and "Technical Specifications for Complete Aircraft Parachute Systems", and invited many domestic drone companies, parachute system companies, Relevant scientific research institutions and other units and experts jointly participated in the preparation of the standard text.

The "Technical Specifications for Parachute Systems of Medium-sized Unmanned Aircraft" aims to fill the gap in domestic safe landing standards for medium-sized unmanned aircraft. After extensive research and study of relevant technical standards at home and abroad, through scientific and rigorous technical indicator settings, it has been established for medium-sized unmanned aircraft. The research and development, production, testing and application of human-piloted aircraft parachute systems will be fully standardized. This specification will not only effectively improve the safety performance of medium-sized unmanned aircraft, but will also effectively promote a significant jump in the technical level of the entire industry.

Shenzhen Tianying Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of parachute safety. With its years of technical accumulation and rich practical experience, it actively participated in and led the preparation of technical specifications for the UAV parachute system. The company always adheres to the innovation-driven approach, adheres to high standards and strict requirements, and actively promotes technological progress and industrial upgrading in the field of unmanned aircraft.

At present, the draft of the "Technical Specifications for Parachute Systems of Medium-sized Unmanned Aircraft" has been open to solicit opinions from the whole society. We welcome colleagues in the industry, experts and scholars, and people from all walks of life to put forward valuable suggestions to jointly improve this regulation related to the safety of unmanned aircraft. Important technical specifications.

The formulation and implementation of the "Technical Specifications for Parachute Systems of Medium-sized Unmanned Aircraft" can not only provide a strong guarantee for the safety and reliability of medium-sized unmanned aircraft, but also provide high-quality development of new productivity in the field of low-altitude economy in my country. Key support. With the continuous improvement and implementation of this specification, on the basis of ensuring the safe operation of all types of medium-sized unmanned aircraft, it will greatly promote the optimization and upgrading of the low-altitude economic industry chain, activate the innovative vitality of the low-altitude economy, and help my country's unmanned aerial vehicle development. To move towards the forefront of the world in the field of piloted aircraft, it will provide a strong driving force for the construction of a modern and intelligent new low-altitude economic ecology, and truly promote the high-quality development of new productivity in the low-altitude economy.

Attachment: "Technical Specifications for Parachute Systems of Medium-sized UAVs" (Draft for Comments)

Original link: http://www.aopa.org.cn/Content_Detail.asp?Column_ID=37677&C_ID=20018317